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Welcome to redux-vehicles, a place you won't find anywhere else. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services for motorists, with Eastern European and Asian vehicles being our great specialty. Our portfolio includes services that virtually every motorist can use, whether they drive a Skoda or a Lada. We're not just dealers, although our comprehensive range includes a number of exciting new and proven used cars for both on-road and off-road use.

Our services certainly don't end there. Since cars need servicing, our motto is that we take care of every car as if it were our own. Our experienced mechanics are trained to service vehicles of all common and non-traditional makes, and we have the diagnostic equipment and know-how needed. Moreover, we adhere to the motto that there is no need to change what can be reliably repaired! We always want you to drive away satisfied and not overpay. Thanks to our long-standing presence on the market, we can also offer you the installation of various accessories, from off-road accessories to independent heaters to aesthetic accessories. Whether you just want to replace your wipers, protect your vehicle with an anti-corrosion paint job, or do a complete overhaul, we're here for you.

Need to prepare your car for sale? Or to sell it all? Contact us, we will arrange everything from A to Z. Don't want to deal with anything at all? Offer us your car for sale! And vice versa, are you looking for a car, be it an eastern type or any other? Let us know! The specialists of our AMC car centre are looking for suitable vehicles all over the world every day! It doesn't matter if you need a city car or an off-road special. We'll find it and bring it to you!

If you only need a vehicle for a short period of time, use the services of our Omnirent car rental company, where off-road, motorhome, road and trailer cars are waiting for you.

Part of the comprehensive offer is also the import of spare parts and accessories, which is also associated with advice. We will help, import, install. You do not have to worry about anything! The spare parts department is here for you.

If you are looking for a vintage car, you can contact our specialists from the retro vehicles department who will help you from A to Z, i.e. with market research, selection of a suitable vehicle, its import and registration. And it doesn't matter if the vehicle is 70 or 30 years old.

Don't overlook the possibility of approving either whole vehicles or parts only. We can provide you with complete approval (individual, type) of vehicles, or just approve alternative accessories or wheels or tyres. We also provide conversions of motorhomes, including conversion to M1 motorhome or conversion of lorries to tractors. The redux-vehicles portal is thus the only place where you can find a complete service for motorists in one place!


Buchanky? Máme!
Buchanky? Máme!
4.12. 2023 | UAZ
Naskladnili jsme Buchanky.
New ''Bukhanka'' by eyes of 3D designer
2.8. 2023 | UAZ
Famous czech designer shows new Bukhanka
Vozy UAZ řešíme zakázkově
Vozy UAZ řešíme zakázkově
6.6. 2023 | UAZ
Prodej uazů neskončil!
Zákaz dovozu ruských vozů
Zákaz dovozu ruských vozů
4.1. 2023 | UAZ
Od 8. 1. 2023 se dovoz ztenčí.